ICAROS Flight - We make you fly

ICAROS creates exciting and effective exercise experiences.

ICAROS provides exciting, motivating and entertaining Active VR experiences. Conquer the skies, explore underwater worlds or the part in multiplayer races with ICAROS users all over the world. Each ICAROS game includes a variety of modes and difficulty levels with durations from 1-15 minutes. All experiences are optimized for various VR headsets.


A new Virtual Reality gaming arcade is opened in Galway. Virtual Reality World is located in the Liosban Business Park and provides a fun place for people of all ages, interests and skill levels.

Virtual reality gaming places the player in the centre of the action, so they are fully immersed in the game and able to interact in ways that we could only imagine in the past.

Virtual Reality World offer custom-built virtual reality booths, Irelands First Katwalkers, VR Racing Cars and Our Amazing VR Escape Room which are all kitted out with the latest technology. Gamers can travel to exotic climates, drive fully simulated Racing cars, fight zombies, test their adrenaline with heart-pounding horror games, or enjoy family friendly multiplayer experiences.

VRW is suitable for ages 7+ and we can tailor packages to suit