Arcade Rules


1. No Drugs or Alcohol Permitted. We are a family-friendly environment. While we respect everyone’s rights to do as they please, there is no admittance if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Virtual reality already puts your brain in an altered state.

2. Eye glass wearers: If your frame is smaller than 142 mm wide and 50 mm high, it will fit our VR goggles. When arriving at our venue, you will be able to check if your glasses will fit. However: If you are in doubt we advise to wear contact lenses if possible.

3. No Food or Drinks. We like to keep a clean play area, so we ask that you not bring food or beverages into the gaming room. We have a waiting area where food and drink are permitted.

4. Clean dress and hygiene are a MUST! Virtual Reality World cleans headsets after every use with disinfectant wipes and microfiber cloth. As a courtesy to our other guests and to keep the equipment in good working order, we ask that you please freshen up before you use the equipment.

5. No backpacks, bags, purses, etc. They can be a trip hazard to guests that are playing. We have a designated area where you can put your belongings until you leave. Dress comfortably, unrestrictive clothing and comfortable footwear are a must.

6. No inappropriate behaviour or horseplay. Guests wearing a VR headset cannot see the outside world. Someone could get injured or equipment could get broken by behaving inappropriately. Anyone that doesn’t follow this rule will be asked to leave.

7. No one under 8 years permitted. Some content may not be suitable for young children. We like to speak with an adult about what is appropriate for their child. Also, VR is a very new technology. Most age restrictions from hardware developers are preteen and older, but we leave that up to the individual. We take children 8 year plus with parental/guardian consent.

8. Machines are first come-first served. Appointments take priority. Nothing’s worse than planning a fun night out and being turned away at the door when you get to your destination. Appointments aren’t necessary, but we strongly encourage them to ensure you can play when you want. Evenings and weekends fill up fast.

9. Respect our equipment. All our equipment is expensive and can be damaged if dropped or treated carelessly. If equipment if purposely damaged players will be responsible for their actions.

10. When your time is up, collect your belongings and exit the VR room. Once you have finished playing you can collect your belongings before re-entering the real world.

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