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With the help of computer technology, VR – short for Virtual Reality, is an immersive experience in which users are teleported into a 3D world. VR will make you feel like you are there mentally and physically. You turn your head, and your world turns with you, maintaining the illusion of the virtual world you are in.
Users will wear a headset. Some experiences are completely handsfree and some require the use of controls similar to electronic games. Dress fashionably for comfort. Our gaming pods have TV screens where your friends/family can watch the action that’s happening in the headset.
Virtual Reality World isn’t an all-ages attraction. In fact, children under age 8 aren’t recommended to play and certain games have age requirements, while a couple of others are geared toward those over 5-foot-2. Some experiences require physical movements.
Our pricing for Parties and Team Events differs depending on the size and age of the group. We try our best to cater to all budgets. Speak to a member of staff today to learn what your Virtual Reality World has to offer you!
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We are open Monday to Wednesday by appointment only and Thursday to Sunday from 12 – 9pm, later by appointment. We are open every day during school holidays. Please check our homepage for any changes to our hours and schedules.
We hate to say this, but there’s no storage on-site. Coming light and freely moving around the space is the best way to experience VR World. You can stash your belonging near where you’re playing, or hand off to family/friends.
Catering & light refreshments can be provided for parties and corporate events. No outside food or drinks are permitted at Virtual Reality World due to highly sophisticated electronics.

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